• The Primorsky aquarium is going to sue after allegations of employees in social networks

  • The seaside aquarium, where lately died several animals, preparing lawsuits on protection of honor and dignity against those who had criticized the staff of the institution in social networks. This was reported on the page of the aquarium Facebook.

    "Recently in the social networks of staff of the aquarium accuse of all conceivable sins. And, without proof, without facts, but give the names. The aquarium is preparing lawsuits both from individuals and legal entities on protection of honor and dignity", — stated in the message companies.

    26 Oct trainer of marine mammals novel Fadeev told on the page Facebook about numerous violations at the aquarium. In particular, according to him, animals are fed fish, "whose head smells rotten", and the pool water becomes green due to the fact that "the life support system can't cope with cleaning the waste products of animals." According to Fadeev, the culprits for this situation is the administration of the aquarium, "so-called "third floor"".

    Administration of the seaside aquarium, where for the last time died a few animals have denied allegations of employee improper care of animals.

    A day earlier due to the death of a Steller sea lion at the aquarium had # 6.*initiated criminal case under article "cruelty to animals". Also launched an investigation to report the discovery of two dead Whiteside dolphins.

    Over the past three years at the aquarium, killing three walrus, two Baikal seals, sea lions and five dolphins.


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