• Prigogine predicted provocations on "the Eurovision" in Kiev

  • Producer Joseph Prigogine suggested that in relation to the Russian participant of "Eurovision" in Kiev can be arranged provocation. Reports radio station "Moscow speaking".

    "I expect them to do anything you want, these people are capable of anything in the name of the conflict. Any protests, attempts of provocation can be," said the producer. He stressed that the Russian artist it is necessary to ensure safety.

    Also, Prigogine expressed the opinion that Russia at the "Eurovision-2017" in Kiev will represent the artist, which will not cause irritation of the Ukrainian authorities.

    "Perhaps there was some candidate that is able to represent Russia at "Eurovision". Go to some neutral person who does not cause irritation, including from the Ukrainian authorities. I believe that Konstantin Ernst, the wise man, he will not send people from the black list," he said.

    Earlier on 31 October Russia confirmed its participation in the international competition "Eurovision" which will take place in 2017 in Kiev.

    In September it was reported that Ukraine will not be allowed to participate in "Eurovision-2017" artists, which are included in the black list of artists who threaten national security.

    In response, Executive producer of "Eurovision" yuna Ula San said that negotiations with Kiev over the speakers entry into the country. "We were and will conduct a constructive dialogue with the authorities to ensure that all delegates and artists can come and stay in Ukraine", — he reported.


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