• With the explosion in the Shiite quarter of Baghdad killed 23 people

  • In Baghdad, a car bomb exploded, killing 23 people, injured at least 45. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources in police and the medical community.

    It clarifies the Agency, the attack occurred on a busy shopping street in one of the southern districts of the Iraqi capital, populated mostly by Shiites.


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      Members of the Russian "Night wolves" was denied entry to Poland

      The participants of the international motocross "Road to Victory — Berlin" club "Night wolves" are unable to enter the territory of Poland. Local authorities have not missed the Russian bikers, those suspected of involvement in extremist organizations, said motodvizheniya.

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      Vladimir Putin held Sunday hockey practice in Sochi. He arrived at the stadium "Puck" after the stage race "Formula-1". The exercise also featured an honorary member of the IOC Jean-Claude Killy, and between the outputs on the ice the President has discussed the development of the Olympic legacy.

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      Trump confessed his love to current

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