• In the fall of a light aircraft near Penza killed the pilot

  • In Zemetchinskogo area of the Penza region crashed light aircraft. In the result of incident killed the pilot, according to Privolzhsky investigatory management on transport SK of Russia.

    The crash happened about 10:40 MSK near the village Matcherka. On Board were only 50-year-old pilot.
    According to preliminary data, on Wednesday, may 17, the plane "Bekas X-32" to perform work on chemical irrigation of fields belonging to the company "Soyuzagro".

    "During operation, the plane snagged high-tension wires, with the result that there was a falling aircraft. The pilot received serious injuries and died on the spot", — stated in the message control.

    Currently, the transport Prosecutor's office finds out who owned the aircraft. Also check the implementation of legislation on the use of airspace and flight safety, notes TASS.

    30 July 2016 in the Penza region crashed glider AC-4 (115), making a test flight. They drove 65-year-old honored test pilot died at the scene from his injuries. According to preliminary data, the glider climbed to an altitude of about 800 meters, and then fell.


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