• The Brazilian President was threatened with impeachment because of incriminating records

  • The President of Brazil Michel Temer was under threat of impeachment after the appearance of the recording in which he allegedly discusses "buying the silence" of former speaker of the house, Eduardo Cunha. About it reports Reuters.

    The entry in the framework of negotiations on the conclusion of the transaction on the plea gave the authorities two large businessman. One of them, head meat company JBS SA Joseli Batista recorded the conversation with Temer in the course of which it was about the money, which the businessman paid Cunha. When Batista informed the Temer that he gave money to Cunha, the President replied: "You need to keep it under control, okay?"

    What asked the former speaker not to divulge, not reported. Cunha, a former influential functionary of the ruling party of Temer, announced that it has dirt on many high-level politicians involved in the largest corruption scandal involving state oil company Petrobras. Cunha himself, on 30 March was sentenced to 15 years and four months in prison on charges of corruption.

    When the emergence of record with Batista and Temer became known, the opposition called for investigation. According to local experts, there is a risk that if found guilt of Temer, he can be impeached or be forced to resign.

    Sam Temer has denied reports that gave a sanction for the payment of money Cunha. However, he confirmed that he had met in early March with Batista. According to him, this conversation is not "compromise his behavior" as President.

    Temer, who had been Vice President, became head of state after the issuance of the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. On August 31, the Brazilian Senate authorized her removal from office for committing financial irregularities.


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