• Elderly Japanese were promised a funeral with a discount for a waiver of driver's license

  • Elderly motorists from the Japanese Prefecture of Aichi will be able to exchange the licence for a funeral services at a discount. On Monday, March 20, reports BBC News.

    To get the discount, you must show the certificate, which is issued by the police after the refusal of the licence. To use it can not only a former driver, but also his family members, including those living in other prefectures.

    Similar programs already operate in several regions of Japan. There is a waiver of driver's license stimulate discounts on taxi cabs and for the public baths. The authorities hope that such measures will lead to fewer accidents, which include the older drivers.

    In November reported, the police of Aichi Prefecture called for elderly motorists to exchange their driving license for a discount at the restaurant. In the discounted menu includes ramen (noodle dish), rice, salads and some other items.


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