• Pursuing the man ferocious otter laugh social networks

  • Rory MacPherson (Rory MacPherson) from Scotland noticed on the road the otter and decided to make it closer to the camera. The animal behaved unpredictably started to chase a man and bite his shoes. The animal calmed down only when backed him into the car. Aggressive reaction otters amused users Facebook, where MacPherson has posted a video.

    "Saw a wild otter today... I'm not sure I like otters!" — I commented on the video by its author.

    The post Scot has become viral effect. In two days it was viewed more than 400 thousand views, it has collected more than three thousand posts and over a thousand comments.

    People jokingly sympathized with the attacked character. "I thought they are peaceful and shy creatures? Ha!" — wrote one user. Some thought that the otter was seriously tempted to eat MacPherson, and one of the wearer said, the animal is strikingly similar to her husband.


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