• The Prime Minister of Norway played Pokemon GO in the Parliament

  • The head of the Norwegian Cabinet of Erna Solberg was spotted playing Pokemon GO during a session of Parliament. The respective photo posted in Twitter one of the users.

    As he writes in this regard, The Guardian, passion, Solberg games with augmented reality is well known. During a visit to Slovakia, she for a few moments interrupted the communication with journalists, explaining it by the urgent need to perform certain actions in the game.

    This is not the first case when Norwegian politicians indulge in the game in the Parliament. During the discussion of the security issues of the country in August, fishing pokemon had spotted the leader of the Liberal party of Norway, Trina Skei Grande. Explaining the situation, she chose to laugh it off: "You know what women can do several things at once".

    Pokemon GO game with elements of augmented reality for gadgets based on Android and iOS, released July 6. After her appearance, there are few cases when inspired by players fell under the cars, was injured or found themselves in embarrassing situations.

    23 July this year, the frontier service of the USA reported about the arrest of two canadian teenagers who accidentally crossed the border and entered the territory of Montana, played in Pokemon GO.

    22 July in Scotland was announced wanted a ten year old child, ran away from home due to the fact that his mother removed your favorite game with his smartphone.


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