• The representative of the Romanov dynasty called the film "Matilda" shoddy forgery

  • The Director of the office of the Russian Imperial house, Alexander Zakatov said that the film by Alexei Uchitel "Matilda" may not correspond to historical reality. On Wednesday, November 2, according to "Radio Baltika".

    "To discuss the identity of a Holy man, even a king, is quite possible, but for what purpose? To show up in some distorted way to make money at lower emotions and instincts?", said Sunset. According to him, the Teacher took the base counterfeit that has nothing to do with real events.

    The representative of the House of Romanov stressed that it is impossible to turn Nicholas II caricature.

    "We can say that Lenin and Stalin are guilty of mass repressions and persecution of the Church, but to portray them as something depraved or crazy, or show in the adult form, from our point of view is unworthy," said Sunset.

    Earlier on November 2 the Teacher called accusations of pictures are ridiculous, because "Matilda", he said, no one has yet seen in its entirety.

    The buzz around the upcoming film raised a social movement, "king's cross" suspect authors "Matilda" in the anti-Russian and anti-religious provocations. Teacher advised disgruntled to defer the disturbance to the premiere of the picture.

    The movie "Matilda" will be released March 30, 2017. The film tells about the relationship of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and prima-ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.


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