• Entrepreneurs received more than 6 billion rubles for the support of SME Corporation

  • The Federal Corporation for development of small and medium enterprises (SME Corporation) has provided a credit guarantee support 1022 small and medium companies established by women entrepreneurs. About this part of the Yalta international economic forum, 2017, the Deputy CEO of SME Corporation Svetlana Kuznetsova, the report said SMEs.

    During the activities of SME Corporation, companies created by women entrepreneurs, 1143 provided guarantees worth more than four billion rubles. This allowed them to attract credit resources for a total of about 6.7 billion rubles for projects in the field of industry, construction, agriculture and agricultural processing and services.

    Together with the regional guarantee organizations were supported by 33 loans totaling 455,1 million rubles with the joint provision of the Corporation and WGI in the amount of 300,6 million (206,9 million rubles warranties of the Corporation and 93.7 million rubles surety PRO). According to the program of stimulation of crediting of subjects of small and medium enterprises SMEs, the Corporation has provided to women entrepreneurs 81 surety for loans totalling more than two billion rubles.

    Svetlana Kuznetsova presented to the participants of the business Breakfast was developed by SME Corporation and SME Bank specialized loan products designed for women entrepreneurs — "Express for current purposes" and "Express on investment". The rate for the special segment, to which female entrepreneurship is 10.6 percent per annum. These products are focused on supporting entrepreneurs, trained in the educational programmes of SME Corporation, including "Mom – entrepreneur" and registered on the Portal Business Navigator to SMEs.

    In addition, starting in 2016, the Corporation ICPS jointly with the Committee on women entrepreneurship development of the Russian public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship "OPORA Russia" implements the Federal education project to support women's entrepreneurship, "Mom entrepreneur". In 2016, the program involved six subjects of the Russian Federation, in the future, this list will be supplemented.

    "The development of women's entrepreneurship may be one of the most important factors of strengthening of the segment of small and medium business in Russia, said Svetlana Kuznetsova. This area has great potential and good growth, we intend to maintain this trend, to open more opportunities for the development of women's business".


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