• The alleged kidnapper of an infant from Dedovsk charged

  • Woman kidnapped in 2014, a child from chamber old-Fashioned city hospital, charged. About it "lente.ru" said Elena Fokina, the official representative of the Moscow dome RCDS.

    She said that the investigation incriminates 40-year-old Elena Pahovoj "Kidnapping a minor" (paragraph "d" of part 2 of article 126 of the criminal code). For this article, a criminal case was initiated in July 2014. The accused remains under house arrest.

    It is established that shortly before the abduction, the woman had a miscarriage, and she was in Grandfather's hospital. According to the preliminary version, 17 Jun 2014 Spehova decided to steal a newborn baby from the children's ward of the medical institution and to inform the spouse that it is their child. She entered the children's ward, taking advantage of the lack of visitors and medical staff taken from the chamber of a newborn baby boy (he had refused the mother, and about that many in the hospital know). Further Spehova easily taken the child from the territory of the medical institution until January 2017 engaged in his education.

    "11 January 2017 the woman gave an abducted child to law enforcement officers who arrived at her place of residence in connection with the carrying out of operatively-search actions. The result, as required by law, gave the boy to the guardianship and guardianship" — reminded Elena Fokina.

    In April 2017 the guardianship passed Matthew Mann on education in the new family.


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