• The owner of the paintings of Vasya Lozhkin stood up for his work in court

  • The businessman from Moscow Alexey Khodorkovsky appealed the court's decision that recognized a picture of "the Great beauty of Russia" Vasi Lozhkina extremist. About this newspaper "Vedomosti" with reference to the lawyer of Khodorkovsky Damir Gainutdinova.

    The entrepreneur believes that the decision of October district court of Novosibirsk from 29 Jan 2016 on the recognition of paintings Lozhkina extremist illegal, as the author of a work and the right holder did not participate in the trial.

    In 2010 Khodorkovsky have exclusive rights to the work Lozhkin. The entrepreneur said that since 2011, bought new paintings, and then decided to popularize his works.

    "Just this year the image from the film "the Great beauty of Russia" was supposed to be laminated cards in a tube," said the entrepreneur. In his opinion, the artist's work "illustrates our self-centeredness, pseudo-patriotism and xenophobia".

    Canvas Lozhkin is a caricature of Russian nationalists. The artist has depicted the map of Russia and bordering countries, where the signatures of the States used offensive language, Russian Federation in this case is designated as "the Great beautiful Russian".

    Vasya Lozhkin (real name Alexey Kudelin) — Russian artist, author of satirical paintings depicting a Russian musician, the leader of the group "Vasya Lozhkin and some people".


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