• The government of the Netherlands has requested additional time for the decision on Ukraine

  • The Dutch government appealed to the Parliament with a request to provide additional time for a decision on ratification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine. About it reports Reuters.

    The letter with the request sent to the legislators, the Minister of foreign Affairs Bert Koenders. In his opinion, the deputies should give the Cabinet more time till December 15 of this year to hold talks with the opposition parties not to refuse to ratify the agreement with Ukraine.

    Prime Minister mark Rutte shall submit to the Parliament a bill to waive the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU before midnight on Monday, October 31,.

    6 April in the Netherlands held a referendum on the question of approval of the Association of Ukraine with the EU. The majority of voters— 61 percent — opposed the agreement, supported him a little more than 38 percent.

    The next day, Rutte reported, that the country will not be able after the referendum to continue the process of ratification of the Association agreement, despite the fact that the vote was Advisory in nature.


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