• The Russian Embassy in London sent a note of protest to the British foreign office

  • The Russian Embassy in London expressed concern about the reluctance of British authorities to ensure the smooth operation and safety of diplomatic institutions. A note has been sent to the British foreign office, reported on mission.

    Thursday, November 3, a group of demonstrators in the framework of the protest action blocked the work of the Embassy. Entrance to the consular section was littered with parts from the mannequins, and the "protestors" chained themselves to the entrance to the diplomatic missions.

    On the published photos show that the activists in black shirts that read "save Aleppo", gathered from dozens of hands of mannequins installation.

    As a result, visitors and members of the diplomatic mission was denied access to the building. As noted by diplomats, there was a real threat to the security of the diplomatic mission in the UK.

    "For frankly provocative and hooligan actions of the "demonstrators" did not intervene to stop the police. At the same time were blocked phone lines missions — the Embassy was attacked by the shaft of "empty" phone calls", — stated in the message.

    Diplomats believe that the action was carefully planned. According to them, it is "not surprising" in the context of the recent official appeal to the Parliament of the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to hold protests at the walls of the Russian Embassy.

    The diplomatic mission noted that the past near the Embassy campaign is accompanied by "constant rabid Russophobic campaign in the British media, inspired by numerous anti-Russian statements of the official British individuals".

    The situation in Aleppo, Syria in the last few months has deteriorated. The West accuses the authorities of the Republic and Russia in the bombing of civilians and armed opposition. Damascus and Moscow, in turn, insist that strikes only against terrorists, and accused Washington of failing to influence the moderate opposition groups, forcing them to dissociate themselves from the extremists.

    In Aleppo, has repeatedly introduced a humanitarian pause, during which local citizens and disarmed fighters were given the opportunity to leave the city. However, the vast majority of fighters refuse to do it.


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