• The consequences of lack of sleep assessed quantitatively

  • British doctors quantitatively assessed the implications from lack of sleep of a person for his body. A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition briefly about it, reports The Telegraph.

    Insufficient sleep leads to the fact that the next day, as shown by scientists, people drink on average 385 calories more than in the previous. This is roughly equivalent to 4.5 slices of white bread.

    The consumption of energy in humans is not increased. If overeating is mainly used more fat, less protein and approximately the same amount of carbohydrates.

    To such conclusions scientists have come, having conducted a meta-analysis of 11 studies, which were attended by 172 people. In these works provided data on the impact of sleep deprivation on consumption and consumption of energy for the following day.

    The authors plan to study the effect of lack of sleep on the dietary preferences of the person in the long run. Scientists believe that lack of sleep is one of the main reasons that provoke the development of obesity.


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