• Poroshenko said about the complete loss of Ukraine's control over the Donbas

  • The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Kiev lost its influence on the Donbass due to blockade of the region by Ukrainian nationalists. On Monday, March 20, he said in a speech at the Council regionrazvitiya in Kiev, live video is available on YouTube.

    According to Poroshenko, the organizers of the blockade deceived society. "What blockade when there is a hole in the border, including from Russia, hundreds of miles away? It was a special operation aimed to push the occupied territories of Ukrainian Donbas (in Kiev called self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people's Republic — approx. "Of the tape.ru") in the Russian Federation. The embargo has Ukraine lost the last influence in this territory," said the Ukrainian leader.

    He added that one of the consequences of the blockade was a blow to the Ukrainian energy sector, metallurgy, budget. "Everything is clearer kristallizuetsya the threat of anarchy and the ataman," said the President.

    15 Mar Poroshenko offered The Council of national security and defense to stop the transport with the DPR and LPR to return under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian enterprises located on their territories. The head of state added that the exception will be for humanitarian goods.

    1 March the authorities of the republics of Donbass introduced external management at the Ukrainian enterprises located on their territory. A day earlier, the leaders of the DND and LNR Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Carpenter made a demand to stop the trade blockade of the region, which began in late January, the Ukrainian nationalists.


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