• Trying to take a selfie at the power lines in Saratov have brought the teenager to the hospital

  • Law enforcement officers in Saratov initiated a probe into the shock of high voltage 16-year-old. This was reported on Southern investigatory management on transport SK of Russia.

    According to investigators, a young man Thursday was crossing the railway tracks on a bridge near the bus stop platform "Contact", which is located in the city. At some point he approached a contact network and got a shock with a capacity of 27.5 thousand watts. Presumably, the boy had intended to do a selfie.

    As a result, the teenager received burns to 85 percent of the body. According to "Vzglyad-info", his condition as extremely serious.

    As said the publication of the Saratov head of the investigative Department of the TFR in transport Ruslan Nurushev, one boy witnessed the incident. He first stated that the victim wanted to take pictures and to this end, climbed over the railing on the bridge. However, later, the teenager changed his story, explaining that his friend wanted to catch up, hanging on the railing, writes the portal.

    In June 2016 16-year-old in Brjansk survived after the shock, 27.5 thousand watts on a railway bridge. He was hospitalized with electrical injury, shock 2 degree burns of 1-3 degrees 45 per cent of the surface of the skin. It was noted that the young man climbed the technical ladder to the upper beam structures.


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