• Users of the network brought to a standstill task for preschoolers

  • The new Yorker published online a photo with my homework five daughters, which she was given in kindergarten, and asked users to help with her decision. This drew the attention of the Huffington Post.

    Children were asked first to register the letter T, and then guess the four pictures of words that contain that letter. The difficulty was caused by the last figure, in which a large DOE and her four children sat at the bowl of food. Post by Imgur with the a few days has collected more than 200 thousand views.

    The task is not said that the word must begin with the same letter, which her daughter passed the class, so nick began to come up with the most incredible possibilities. He said the word twins (twins), two by two (two for two), twabbit (fictional from rabbit) and I bet this was an error (I bet it was a mistake).

    In result no one was able to guess what the word meant by the author of the textbook. The daughter of American pointed out the word Pet (pet) and the teacher counted it for the correct answer, by signing next to him "OK".

    Later the woman found out that the correct answer Vet (veterinarian), but why that word had to indicate to children is unclear.


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