• Polish tennis player opposed the participation of Sharapova at the "Roland Garros"

  • Polish tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska spoke against granting the Russian Maria Sharapova, a wild card (special invitation) to participate in the next tournament series "Grand slam" — "Rolan Garros" and Wimbledon. Her words Friday, April 21, leads Przeglad Sportowy.

    "Now she will perform in Germany, then in Spain and Italy, but it is still not invited to participate in "Rolan Garros" and Wimbledon. It seems to me that it shouldn't have. It must earn its place in the tournament with good play and results," said Radwanska.

    In June 2016, Sharapova received a two-year suspension for the use of Meldonium. 4 Oct Sports arbitration court reduced the term of its suspension from 2 years to 15 months. She plans to return to the court at the tournament in Stuttgart on 26 April. The Russian also received a wild card for the competition in Rome, which will be held from 15 to 21 may. A number of players condemned the 30-year-old Sharapova and opposes granting her special invitations to participate in major tournaments.

    "Roland Garros" will take place in Paris from 22 may to 11 June. Wimbledon will take place from 3 to 16 July in London. Sharapova won in France (2012, 2014) and once won the Wimbledon (2004).


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