• The Paris police found out about allegedly arrived from Belgium sidekick arrow

  • Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the second suspect in the attack on the police in Paris. About it reports Reuters. The document States that the man arrived in France by train from Belgium.

    Attack on law enforcement officers was done on Thursday evening, April 20. Next to the police car stopped the car, it left the man and fired shots. One of the policemen was killed on the spot. Injured two employees. The criminal was liquidated. According to the representative of the Ministry of interior, his identity is still uncertain.

    Previously appearing in the media information about the fact that the second policeman died of his wounds, the office denied. It specified that the two people "seriously injured".

    In Paris held a special operation, we are searching for alleged accomplice eliminated the shooter. Twitter the police Department reported that the area of the incident cordoned off, closed three metro stations. The vehicle of the assailant explore bomb experts.

    About the motives of the incident are not reported. Put forward the version as a terrorist attack and a criminal attack. The interior Ministry urged not to do hasty conclusions, but stated that the shooting COP was aiming. Investigation anti-terrorist unit of the Prosecutor's office.


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