• Poklonskaya put Hitler and Lenin in a row

  • The former Prosecutor of Crimea, the Deputy of the state Duma of the seventh Natalia Polonskaya called the Emperor Nicholas II the slandered statesman. The corresponding entry she posted on Thursday, November 3, at itspage in LiveJournal ("Live Journal").

    "In history there is no statesman that has been so maligned as the last Russian Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich. For many decades, the people heard in relation to his murdered King a mockery and hatred," she wrote, commenting on the controversy surrounding the movie "Matilda".

    The MP called the paradoxical fact that "monsters of the twentieth century", in which she calls the leader of the revolution Vladimir Lenin, the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler, revolutionary Leon Trotsky and father osnovatelej of China Mao Zedong, does not cause such rejection as Nicholas II.

    Attempts to denigrate the figure of the king, the MP called "cramp vampire to the sun's rays at dawn", suggesting that criticism of the monarch are "demonic fear of the light the sanctity of the Emperor".

    2 Nov Poklonskaya sent the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika request for verification of the movie "Matilda". Shortly before that, representatives of the public movement "the Royal cross" suspected authors of the film "Matilda", not yet released, anti-Russian and anti-religious provocations.

    Film "Matilda" directed by Alexei Uchitel will be released 30 Mar 2017. The film tells about the relationship of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.


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