• Near Odessa vandals staged a pogrom at the Jewish cemetery

  • In the Odessa region of Ukraine in a Jewish cemetery vandals smashed and overturned monuments to the fallen during the great Patriotic war. On Monday, March 20, reported on his page on Facebook. Director of the international organization "Ukrainian Jewish Committee" Eduard Dolinsky.

    "The wind, which in January 2017, two times broke the Holocaust memorial in Belgorod-Dniester, apparently also flew in the Jewish cemetery in Beryozovka", — he wrote. Dolinsky also posted photos showing severe damage to the gravestones.

    8 March it was reported that in the village of Savran, Odessa region unknown destroyed the monument to the victims of the Holocaust. According to the Director of the Odessa Holocaust Museum Paul Kozlenko, memorial at the Jewish cemetery were broken into small pieces. However, the local police felt that the monument could be destroyed under the influence of natural processes or of old age.

    In January, the Jewish Fund of Ukraine appealed to the leadership of the Odessa region with the requirement to restore the Holocaust memorial in Belgorod-Dniester at public expense. According to representatives of the organization, the monument was erected through the efforts of the local Jewish community. They noted that unknown persons desecrated the monument on the eve of 27 January, when the world celebrates day of memory of victims of the Holocaust.

    The Holocaust was the systematic policy of extermination of Jews held by the authorities of Nazi Germany before and during the Second world war.


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