• In the case of bribery to the official of the Moscow region Ministry arrested businessman

  • Entrepreneur Alexei Aleshin, the suspect in the bribery of officials of the Moscow region Ministry of health Victor Yudaeva, arrested for two months. This decision was made by the Basmanny court of Moscow, reports on Friday, April 21, the channel "360".

    According to investigators, the founder of "the Prime of Medservis" and other companies Alyoshin repeatedly transferred Yudaeva money for licensing and a victory at auction on delivery of medical equipment. A bribe the businessman has brought the office of the official, according to law enforcement.

    Suspects in the case are three of the entrepreneur. The investigators believe that bribes ranged from 25 thousand to several million rubles, reported online edition m24.ru.

    About detention of the head of the third (Lyubertsy) territorial administration of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region Yudaeva, suspected of bribery, reported April 20.


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