• Singer in Saudi Arabia was arrested for the execution of the deb

  • Singer and TV presenter Abdullah al Shahani arrested in Saudi Arabia for the performance of the country banned the dance element deb. On Thursday, August 10, reports BBC News.

    Artist was taken into custody after performing at a music festival in the city of Et-TAIF. What punishment is waiting for al Shahani, not specified. He publicly apologized for his actions in the Twitter.

    Saudovskoy Arabia BPA was recently banned by the National Commission for the fight against drugs. According to officials, the dance is dangerous and associated with the culture of marijuana use.

    Deb came about in 2012 in the United States, in Atlanta (GA). Its main traffic consists in the fact that the dancer looks down like he wants to sneeze in your hand, bent at the elbow, while throwing the other arm sideways and up. At various times deb played a former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, speaker of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress Paul Ryan, the footballer Paul Pogba, and various celebrities.


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