• Peskov commented on the publication of The Times about the plans of Russia in Syria

  • Official Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the British newspaper The Times on a publication about the plans of Russia in Syria. According to him, it is unlikely that the media has the relevant information, reports TASS on Tuesday, November 1,.

    "If the Times has some information that militants are going to start large-scale offensive action, then you should have written," — said press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "All other messages about any kind of intelligence... it is Unlikely that the Times has information on plans of the President of Russia," — said Peskov.

    He recalled the decision extend the humanitarian pause in Aleppo, which began October 18, when Russian and Syrian air force has stopped beating. "The continuation of the humanitarian pause in case of renewal of offensive actions of the insurgents impossible, and that's what the President believes is very important," — said the representative of the Kremlin.

    31 Oct The Times reported, Russia intends this week to attack the Syrian city of Aleppo, partially seized by fighters. It was noted that the beginning of the onset allegedly tied to the arrival in the area of combat actions of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov".

    At the moment, the militants of the so-called moderate opposition and not a terrorist organization "Dzhabhat EN-Nusra" held Eastern districts of Aleppo. The West of the city controlled by government forces.


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