• Survived Auschwitz Israelis died at the age of 113 years

  • The oldest man on Earth died in the Israeli city of Haifa at the age of 113 years. On Friday, August 11, according to The Haaretz.

    Yisrael Kristal was born in Poland in September 1903. In 1940, the crystal was moved to Auschwitz, during the Holocaust he lost his wife and two children. He later married a second time and in 1950 he moved to Israel, where he engaged in business, which was earning before the war — the production of chocolates.

    After the death of the Japanese yasutaro Koide in 2016 crystal at the age of 112 years was recognized the world's oldest man.

    The Guinness book of records was able to recognize the Crystal record a long-lived once in Poland, they found documents that confirmed his age. In the archives were found, indicating that the man lived in łódź in 1918. At the time he was 15 years old.

    Currently the oldest man considered 117-year-old resident of Jamaica violet moss brown (Violet Brown Mosse).


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