• The Pentagon said the death toll in Jordan the us military

  • The U.S. military death toll in the shooting at a military base in Jordan has increased to three. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Peter cook reports on Friday, November 4, RIA Novosti.

    "We are saddened by the news that three American soldiers were killed in the shooting on a Jordanian military base (...) We work closely with the government of Jordan in order to accurately figure out the details of the incident," said cook.

    He said that, according to the preliminary version, the American military, who were in the territory of the Kingdom "in the mission to train local forces" came under fire at the time of entry to the base by car.

    Earlier on 4 November, Reuters reported, Jordanians have killed two American soldiers and one was injured. According to the Agency, the car in which they were, tried to enter the territory of the base on behalf of king Faisal, ignoring health and safety requirements to stop. After that, the parties opened fire. It was reported that the shooting also injured a Jordanian military.


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