• Spider asked them to send him to prison "killer hits Pelevin and carbon monoxide music"

  • The leader of the Russian group "metal Corrosion" Sergey Troitsky, nicknamed Spider published an open letter to fans asking them to send him to prison movies, books and music. A message appeared on the website of the musician in "VKontakte".

    "All prived of the Montenegrin prison Vasyukov! Imprisonment is faster with the interesting reading and your messages! Welcome carbon music any type, movies in any format on DVD discs, lethal hits Sorokin and Pelevin. All good spirits!", — wrote Spider (author's spelling - approx. "Of the tape.ru").

    The daughter of a musician noted in the letter that he was not allowed to send erotic and extremist materials, and also "tea, coffee, chocolates, biscuits".

    In late October, Sergei Trinity sentenced Montenegro to 10 months in prison. He was accused of arson of the house in which he rested at the invitation of the owners, and also to escape from the crime scene. With the owners of the house Spider met the social network "Vkontakte".

    "Corrosion" — Russian thrash metal band received notoriety thanks to the outrageous. Peak popularity occurred at the beginning of 1990-ies. Trinity is the only permanent member of the "KM".


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