• Passengers of "Victory" was supported by the crew in the incident with the volleyball player Cimerova

  • Passengers of the airline "Victory", alarmed by the petition in the name of its General Director Andrey Kalmykov with the request to dismiss was removed from flight volleyball player Alexander Komarova hostess, spoke in her defense. This is stated in the message of the carrier.

    Witnesses of the incident March 12, 2017 at run time airline flight DP422 12 confirm the presence of threats from the said passenger. They also expressed confidence in the right actions of the crew who did not succumb to provocations on the part of the player and strictly adhere to the manual of passenger service.

    In particular, one of the passengers, flying flight Samara-Moscow, Leon MAG-de-Burg, in his letter (is at the disposal "of the Tape.ru") noted that he had witnessed the incident with Alexander Kemerova and stressed that the player threatened the flight attendants and to him personally. MAG-de-Burg expressed his gratitude to crew "for the seriousness of the position in relation to rowdy".

    The airline notes that the Chimer have used the services of "Victory" in last year, and was familiar with the layout of the cabin. However, in March 2017, the athlete, the growth of which is 215 centimetres, booked a place for himself in the aisle, with no increased legroom.

    Meanwhile, para 230 of the Order of Ministry of transport 82 entitles the carrier to unilaterally terminate the contract of air carriage of passengers under the conditions that creates disorder and unavoidable inconvenience to other persons.

    Earlier it was reported that on 12 March 2017 police at the request of the airline "Victory" was removed from the flight Samara-Moscow-player volleyball club Fakel (New Urengoy) Cimerova. Due to the high growth of the athlete is not able to accommodate in the passenger seat and put my legs into the aisle.

    According to the existing world practice, is accepted for carriage only those passengers who independently took care of all the compliance legislation to ensure the safety of transport. The practice of transferring liability for non-compliance with these requirements for the passenger is fixed by the carrier for the passenger.

    In particular, in the US FAA rules (Federal Aviation Authority) require that the passenger, occupying the chair, should be able to lay both hands on the armrests and freely to button and unbutton a seat belt. The passenger with physical features would be denied a service if he previously had not booked an additional seat or seat with more legroom, allowing to observe rules of carriage (the conditions described in the requirements of FAA section 6 Chapter 33 cabin safety /section K (Denial of Transportation).

    The Ministry of transport (US department of Transportation, US DOT), the United States exempts airlines from liability for not providing additional places (chairs) or upgrade the passenger.


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