• A couple from France found 3000 precious coins in the basement of his house

  • A young couple from the Department of the Lower Rhine in the North-West of France found in the basement of his house a hoard of silver and gold coins. It is reported portal Le Dauphiné.

    Last week a man was digging in the basement when he came across a vessel filled with coins made of precious metals. He immediately called his girlfriend. Together, they sorted them, counted 2968 silver and 17 gold.

    The coins date back to 1473-1610 years. Among them were, in particular, are very rare minted in Seville (southern Spain) during the reign of king Philip II. The value of the treasure is still not appreciated.

    "Happy" the house that young people bought in 2013, was built in 1580-m.

    According to the BFMTV, the authorities can not seize the treasure, because the land on which the house is built, also belongs to a pair. However, according to the laws of France, the state has the right for five years to study a find of historical value. After this period, the owners can offer a cash reward for found treasures.

    Earlier on Monday, the reported, in the UK the search continues for the owners of a hoard of gold coins 1847-1915 years. Found it in an antique piano in December of last year, when the tool is sent for repairs.


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