• Monument to Daniel Bagrova proposed to establish in St. Petersburg or Moscow

  • The network began collecting funds to install a monument to actor Sergey Bordovo younger in the image of Danila Bagrov the hero of the films "Brother" and "Brother-2". This writes Sobaka.ru.

    The activists offered to put the sculpture in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The exact location will be determined by popular vote. A bronze figure of the actor is scheduled to accompany the words "I think that the power of the truth".

    "Exactly Daniel embodies the idea of brotherhood and unity, no one knows. For many it became a symbol of faith that even when everything around is destroyed, the concepts of good and evil remain steadfast," — said on the website of the organizers collection.

    Sergei Bodrov Jr. died on 20 September 2002, together with the film crew of the movie "the Messenger" during a descent of a glacier in the Karmadon gorge (Republic of North Ossetia). The greatest popularity brought him the role of Danila Bagrov in the films "Brother" and "Brother-2".


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