• Ovsyannikov told about the desire to make the Sevastopol television

  • Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov said that personnel decisions in the "Informational channel of Sevastopol" (X) related to the fact that the city needs a strong public television. On Wednesday, may 17, according to a press release received by the editors".ru".

    "The development of Sevastopol is not just the construction of schools, hospitals and roads. It is also a new quality of media, new formats of communication with the public. For Sevastopol, the information should be accessible, interesting, understandable, and to raise issues that are close and relevant to citizens. Only then the local TV channels will continue to grow ratings and expand audience", — said Ovsyannikov.

    17 may it became known that the main producer X is scheduled Tatiana Kurnaeva and CEO of TV channel Alexey Papchenya. In the record of Drugnaive cooperation with such TV channels as REN, the First, NTV, STS and others. To the post of producer X Drugnaive worked in the Public chamber of Russia. In the biography of Papini work on the First TV channels, REN, STS, 7TV, "Trust", "Science 2.0", "Russia 2".

    "The purpose of personnel decisions on channel "X" is related to the fact, to set higher standards of broadcasting, to make the state television of the powerful, relevant status of Sevastopol resource that would be of interest to viewers throughout Russia and foreign countries", — said Ovsyannikov.

    In turn Drugnaive and Papchenya said that "the challenge to create on the basis of regional television channel the modern city is very complicated, but so it is and interesting."


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