• Ovsyannikov instructed to work on the master Plan prior to the consideration of all proposals

  • Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov instructed the government to work on the master plan until, until you have considered all proposals received from citizens to the document. On Monday, may 15, reports the press service of the government.

    "I want to thank all of the citizens of Sevastopol, who responded to the call of the government and took an active part in the public hearings. To thank them for citizenship, for numerous suggestions and for the constructive criticism," said Ovsyannikov.

    The acting Governor also stressed that "communication with citizens in the course of discussions of the project allowed to organize a significant number of problems affecting the vital interests of citizens". The mayor noted that with the proposals of Sevastopol has a special conciliation Commission. This body will review, summarize, organize, and work through the adjustments of the master Plan.

    The day before it was reported, in a document defining the appearance of the Sevastopol made comments and suggestions 3.4 thousand participants in public hearings held may 12. "Discussion of the General Plan has caused such a resonance means that the city will eventually get the best in Russia, the General Plan is the most detailed and appropriate to the needs and aspirations of Sevastopol," — commented on the activity of residents the Director of the Department of architecture and urban planning Alexander Molozhavenko.

    12 may Molozhavenko, the Deputy of legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly and the developers of the master Plan made a statement that the project will retain the right of residents on land and houses.

    Development project Institute of Moscow city master Plan.


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