• Ovsyannikov has declared the city of Sevastopol black sea fleet

  • Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov took part in the rally marking the 234th anniversary of the founding of Russia's black sea fleet. About it "lente.ru" reported in a press-service of the municipal government.

    In addition to the head of the region, the event was attended by black sea fleet commander Alexander Vitko, Chairman of the legislative Assembly Ekaterina Altabaeva and the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

    "Throughout its history the black sea fleet and Sevastopol are inseparable from each other. We are shoulder to shoulder stand on guard of interests of our country, serve and work for the good of the Fatherland in difficult times always come to help each other. The fate of the city and the Navy are so intertwined that for most Russians — these words are synonyms," — said Ovsyannikov.

    "Sevastopol was, is and will be the city of the black sea fleet!" he added, encouraging letters of thanks and gifts to the best of soldiers.

    The rally ended with laying flowers to the monument to Empress Catherine II, the founder of the black sea fleet, and the ceremonial passing the guard of honor of the black sea fleet. Also on may 13 will host a sailing regatta on prizes of the head of the black sea higher naval school named Nakhimov.


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