• Stopped a sniper's bullet IG camera saved the life of a journalist

  • Stopped a sniper's bullet of the terrorist group "Islamic state" ((ISIS, an organization banned in several countries, including Russia) action camera saved the life of Iraqi journalist Ammar Alwaeli (Ammar Alwaely). The video was published on YouTube channel ViralHog.

    An attack on a group of reporters occurred in one of the districts of Mosul (Iraq). In the video released by the militants of the IG, the bullet enters the action camera mounted on his chest, and breaks it. "O my Lord! Ammar, that was freakin ' dangerous, man," exclaims near Alwaeli journalist.

    For the year 2016 in the world died 74 journalist. Most of the dead reporters were in a combat zone. The most dangerous areas for work was recognized as Syria, Afghanistan, Mexico, Iran and Yemen, where a year killed 50 members of the media.


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