• "Ortomoda" will launch a high-tech manufacturing orthopedic shoes

  • SMEs, the Corporation has provided a guarantee in the amount of 25 million rubles for the project of the limited liability company "Center for design of special purpose shoes "Ortomoda" to expand production and increase the range of products.

    Thanks to this provision, the company received a preferential loan of the industrial development Fund at 5 percent per annum in the amount of 51 million rubles. The total budget of the investment project is 147 million rubles.

    The project will purchase modern equipment using technology of 3D scanning of the foot. Due to this, the company will be able to produce orthopedic shoes, as accurately as possible taking into account the individual anatomical features of the consumer.

    New production line to ensure the production of a wide model range of modern orthopedic footwear to individual orders both for regular buyers and for people with disabilities. The use of the new equipment will allow to increase the speed of production and reduce the cost of production.

    "Now the volume of import orthopedic shoes in the Russian market is more than 70 percent. Thanks FER the loan, which is secured by a guarantee of SME Corporation, the company by 2023 plans to significantly oust foreign manufacturers and occupy a significant share of the Russian market, increasing annual production from 60 to 200 thousand pairs of orthopedic shoes," said the Director of industry development Fund Alexey Komissarov.

    The enterprise Ortomoda plans to open over 60 new jobs. The production will be fully provided with domestic raw materials and materials, which will increase the volume of purchases from Russian suppliers and further promote their development.

    "This project will provide import substitution in the production of orthopedic shoes that will reduce its value. This is a good example of effective cooperation of development institutions. The program of Investment incentives within the framework of which the Corporation is cooperating SMEs, PDF, RDIF, REC, enables enterprises to develop high-tech production", — said the Deputy CEO of SME Corporation Maxim lubomudrov.

    The limited liability company "Center for design of special purpose shoes "Ortomoda" was founded in 2001 and is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of orthopaedic shoes and the only company individual manufacturing adaptive clothing for people with disabilities in Russia.


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