• Published the first photos of the seventh season of "Game of thrones"

  • In the network appeared the first photos from the shooting of the seventh season of the American TV series "Game of thrones". Pictures published on the press service of HBO.

    The photographs in their images embodied, in particular, actors Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Lena Hedi, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ellie Kendrick, Aidan Gillen and Conleth hill.

    Just published on 15 shots.

    Premiere new episodes of "Game of thrones" will be on HBO on July 16.

    In late March, the creators of the series posted the first trailer of the seventh season. In the trailer appeared and the main characters of the series — Jon snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister.

    Fantasy series "Game of thrones" is released in 2011. The account shows 10 nominations for the award "Emmy". His literature is based on the series of books by George R. R. Martin's "a Song of ice and fire". In July 2016, it became known that the series is renewed for eighth season, which will be the last.


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