• Published the very first picture of Luke Skywalker

  • American actor mark Hamill posted a picture in the image of Luke Skywalker from the first day of filming of "Star wars. Episode IV: a New hope". Post came in Twitter-the artist account.

    "Filmed in Tunisia in the early morning of the first day, I'm waiting for my first take (where I leave the house and go to sell the robot) is probably the first photograph of Luke," Hamill wrote under the post.

    In the comments that unfolded under the post, users are asked about what they think a young actor at the time: was he unhappy that around dusty and he had to get up early in the morning, or understood that is gonna be a star.

    "According to my embarrassed expression, both," replied Hamill.

    The shooting of "Star wars. Episode IV: a New hope" (according to the chronology of the release is the first part of the franchise) took place in 1976.

    "Star wars" is a fantastic epic, created by Director George Lucas. It currently consists of the original trilogy (with a fourth to sixth episode) the trilogy-the prequel (first to third episodes), one sequel (the seventh episode), as well as spin-off of "the Outcast One. Star wars: History." The eighth episode of the franchise will be released in December 2017.


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