• Published transcript of the negotiations with the "irlandskim shot" the night of the attack

  • The American authorities have published a transcript of talks "irlandskogo arrow" Omar Matina with the police on the night he committed the attack on a gay club. Exposure publishes The Independent.

    "Is Matin. I want to let you know, I'm in Orlando, I began to shoot," said the assailant police officer on the phone, answering the question of what's his name.

    "I undertake to be loyal to [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi], the leader of the Islamic state", he added.

    The offender repeatedly told the police that he "felt the pain" of people who were killed in Syria and Iraq as a result of airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition. He also demanded that the U.S. government stop the bombing. "They kill a lot of innocent people," said a police officer.

    "So what should I do here when my brothers are killed there? Do you hear what I say?" asked Matin.

    The negotiator said to the criminal that he is not a politician or the government and just trying to resolve the situation with minimal losses. "All I can do is to help people, and I want to start to help you," he said.

    20 June of this year the FBI has published a transcript of talks Matina with the operator of service of rescue. As can be seen from the transcript, the attacker began his talk with what he called "a soldier of Islam".

    12 June of this year at a gay bar in Orlando, Pulse occurred the attack. The offender, identified later as Omar Matin, armed with a rifle and a pistol, closed the club, along with several hostages. On the scene arrived about 70 police, sappers with dogs and special forces. After a few hours the suspect was eliminated, and the hostages. Killing 49 of the visitors, another 53 were injured. This attack is considered the largest in U.S. history, have occurred with the use of firearms.

    "Islamic state" (ISIS) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.


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