• Decided the semi-finals of the Champions League

  • In the headquarters of UEFA in Nyon, Switzerland hosted the draw for the semi-final stage of UEFA Champions League football, which the English "Manchester city" play with Spanish "real" and Madrid "Atletico" with the Munich "Bavaria". reported on the official website of the Union of European football associations (UEFA).

    The nominal home side in the final match will be the winner of the first pair. The first meeting will be held on April 26 and 27, reciprocal — on may 3 and may 4.

    The draw took place on Friday, April 15. It held UEFA Director of competitions Giorgio Marchetti, and former footballer Milan "inter" and Russian national team Serbia Dejan stanković

    The final of the tournament on 28 may take the Milan stadium "San Siro". The reigning League Champions FC Barcelona gave up the fight for the title at the stage of 1/4 finals.


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