• Opposition Dading demanded five million rubles for the illegal harassment

  • Opposition activist Ildar Dading demanded compensation for illegal criminal prosecution. On Friday, April 21, his lawyer Ksenia Kostromina said TASS.

    According to the defender, we are talking about compensation of the harm caused by the illegal bringing to criminal liability and contents under house arrest and in detention (in total over two years). The amount of the claim filed in the Railway city court of Moscow region, is five million rubles.

    Dading became the first and so far only convicted on the article about repeated violations at rallies. In December 2015 he was sentenced to three years in prison, later the term was reduced to six months. February 10, 2017 the constitutional court of the Russian Federation ruled that the case Dading should be reconsidered, and the article of the criminal code, for which he was convicted, shall be change.

    22 February, the Supreme court of the Russian Federation cancelled the sentence Dadina and decided to discontinue the criminal proceedings. Opposition out freedom four days after that. The court acknowledged his right to rehabilitation.


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