• The UN warned of a mass rape in Haiti after the hurricane

  • The United Nations Fund for population (UNFPA) has warned about the expected mass rape in Haiti after the hurricane "Matthew." On Wednesday, November 2, reports The Independent.

    According to the organization, a total of more than 10 thousand women in areas affected by the hurricane, are at risk of sexual violence. As recalled by the official representative of the organization Mariel sander, immediately after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the number of pregnancies has increased three times due to rape, which increased by 20 percent.

    "The level of violence increases when people are forced to leave their homes and deprived of the protection of his family and friends, explained sander. They become more vulnerable — even a simple trip to the toilet can be dangerous. It is also known that after wars and catastrophes, people looking for contacts to each other, and if the second side of the contact does not want it will be forcibly implemented".

    Sander cited the example of one of the Haitian faced by her group during a visit to Haiti — a 20-year-old woman in the fourth month of pregnancy, whose house was destroyed, turned for help to the neighbor who took her in and raped her.

    In addition, according to UNFPA, in the affected areas to 13.6 thousand women should give birth in the next three months. About 15 percent of them will have to go through a cesarean section. At this moment there are only 400 midwives from the required 1.5 million, many maternity hospitals are destroyed.

    As a result of destructive action of storm "Matthew" in Haiti killed nearly a thousand people. Tens of thousands were left homeless, intensified outbreaks of cholera, probably due to the mixing of flood water with sewage. "Matthew" was the strongest hurricane in the Caribbean over the past 10 years, reaching the highest, the fifth category on a scale of Safira-Simpson. Speed reached 230 kilometers per hour.


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