• The Olympic champion has told about the alarm over the Russian national team game in the 1/4 finals of the world Cup

  • Double Olympic champion in the USSR national team on hockey Boris Mayorov told about concern for the game against Russia in the quarterfinal match of the world championship with team Czech Republic. The words of the expert cites "Soviet sport".

    "First, the move from Cologne to Paris. That you don't trip from Moscow to Mytishchi or Podolsk. Need to settle in a new hotel. And ice in Paris on the other. The Czechs also waiting for us on the spot. We are all about," explained the reasons for his anxiety majors, noting that "dizzy with success" was not the cause of the defeat domestic players in the match against the Americans.

    "Not an excuse to be said: our for 17 hours has not recovered after the game against Latvia. Time is not enough. Many, I think, I wasn't feeling well. Slowly fled, belatedly react to changes on the site. But the main thing – we lost concentration," — said the expert.

    Earlier on 17 may, the departure of the Russian team from Cologne to Paris (city-organizers of the world championship) was arrested three hours because of a breakdown train.

    The group stage of the world championship 2017, the team of Oleg Znarka held in Cologne. In seven games the Russians won six games, losing in the final meeting of the USA national team (3:5).

    The meeting, 1/4 final against the Czech Republic will be held in Paris on Thursday, may 18. Beginning at 17:15 Moscow time. "Ribbon.ru" will hold the text online broadcast of the match.


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