• The official Euro exchange rate rose above 70 rubles

  • The Bank of Russia raised the official Euro exchange rate for November 3 at 87 cents, to 70,23 of the ruble. The dollar rose 21 kopecks to the ruble 63,42. The bi-currency basket (0,55 dollars plus 0,45 euros) worth 66.46 ruble. About it reported on the regulator's website.

    On the Moscow stock exchange the dollar and Euro rise in the course of trading on 2 November. The U.S. currency is at 13:30 GMT, up 17 cents, to 63,49 ruble, European — 35 cents to 70.33 ruble.

    Oil prices on world markets decreased. Brent fell to 47,44 per barrel by 1.45 percent below the closing level of the previous session.

    Earlier on 2 November, Bloomberg reported, Libya and Nigeria are members of OPEC, and in October increased its production by 800 thousand barrels per day. "The cartel has just said about cutting back production, but until we see growth," stated UBS analyst Taunovo Giovanni (Giovanni Staunovo).

    26 Oct experts BKS, Nordea Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank and Promsvyazbank predicted a, that the end of the year the ruble will face weakening against the dollar. The U.S. currency may rise to 65-69 rubles.


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