• Discovered the fastest funnel in the Universe

  • Physicists working at the Brookhaven national laboratory (USA), created subatomic vortices, the fastest of the known Universe. To do this, they replicated arose immediately after the Big Bang conditions with a special condition of the nuclear matter — quark-gluon plasma. This publication reports Live Science.

    The quark-gluon plasma is a liquid of quarks, recorded the creation and gluons. It is formed at high density and temperature and is similar to the usual plasma, not only at the atomic level, and at the level of hadrons, which include neutrons and protons. It is believed that the quark-gluon plasma formed in the first moments after the Big Bang, and existed for a billionth of a second.

    Physics has received a plasma using the relativistic heavy ion Collider (RHIC). They broke up the nuclei of atoms of gold to a speed close to light, pitting them against each other, when there is a liquid of quarks and gluons, heated to 3.9 to 5.6 trillion degrees Celsius. Its presence is determined by scattering from the collision of the particles. Scientists have determined that they deviate from predicted trajectories, indicating the existence of a vortex within the plasma.

    This subatomic vortex spinning faster than the giant atmospheric vortices on Jupiter, including the Great red spot (wind speed is more than 500 kilometers per hour). She also broke the record of quantum vortices created in the liquid helium, cooled to near absolute zero.


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