• Discovered fragments of "Schiaparelli" on the surface of Mars

  • The European space Agency (ESA) has published a new, color the area on Mars where it crashed on the descent module of the Russian-European mission ExoMars. Photos were taken November 1 by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). On Thursday, November 3, reports TASS.

    The Agency notes, this frame compared to the previous black-and-white image is slightly "shifted" to the West. "The last pictures shed light on some details which we could only speculate after the first photos. So, about several bright white spots around the dark area now safe to say that they are real objects, not digital noise in the image. Therefore, they likely represent fragments of "Schiaparelli" (Schiaparelli)," — said the Agency.

    To the South, 900 metres from this area, sealed parachute system and heat shield. As noted in the ESA, the shape of the parachute has changed from October 25, when was the last. "It would be logical to explain this by the fact that the parachute moved wind" — believed in ESA.

    "Schiaparelli" was supposed to land on the Martian plateau of Meridian Wednesday, October 19, at 17:48 GMT. The signal from the module is interrupted at the moment of descent. On the mission after landing was to begin the transmission of a signal from the surface which was to receive and record the Mars probes Mars Express, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and orbital module TGO. In Russia planned to receive the signals TGO stations in Bear Lakes and oceans.

    "Schiaparelli" was intended for development of the technology of atmospheric entry, descent, and landing research.

    Russian-European mission "ExoMars-2016" Mar 14 was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome using rocket "proton-M".


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