• Discovered a giant double Jupiter

  • An international team of astronomers has discovered a gas giant MOA-2016-BLG-227Lb, which is three times more massive than Jupiter. This exoplanet is removed from the Earth at 21 thousand light years. About it reported on the website Phys.org.

    MOA-2016-BLG-227Lb were found in 2016 with a telescope MOA-II at the Observatory of the University Observatory at mount John. For this purpose we used a method based on gravitational microlensing. This phenomenon of the trajectory of a light ray emanating from one astronomical object, distorted by the gravitational field of another celestial body. A series of observations with other telescopes allowed us to determine basic parameters of the planet.

    Astronomers found that the object belongs to the class of so-called Super-Jupiters — planets whose mass exceeds the mass itself large planets Solar systems. However, they are not large enough to be brown dwarfs, in which the flow of fusion reaction. Exoplanet revolves around a small red or orange stars.


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