• Explained the uniqueness of complex life forms in the Universe

  • Scientists from the University of Barcelona in Spain found that the majority of inhabited planets must be covered with oceans by 90 percent. Such conditions create difficulties for the development of complex organisms, therefore, Earth-like habitable planets are exceptionally rare in the Universe. It is reported by Gizmodo.

    According to the researchers, the ratio of the areas of land and oceans is influenced by such factors as the total amount of water on the planet available to the content space and the presence of troughs and ridges. If the oceans were small and elevation is small, the water can cover almost the entire surface of a celestial body.

    Planetary scientists have developed a computer model that showed that almost all the planets where water is present, should be almost completely covered with oceans. On those rare occasions when drying occupies a large part of the surface, formed an extensive wilderness, which also prevent the emergence of complex life forms.

    Earth is the exception to the rule. Its topography allows continents and Islands occupy about 29 percent of the entire area of the planet over millions of years that led to the emergence of large terrestrial animals.


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