• Explained professionalism of football referees of the top-level

  • Neuroscientists from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium found that the professionalism of football referees of the top-level is due to the ability to concentrate on the important things. Their findings, researchers reported in the article published in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.

    The study included 39 judges, 20 of whom were judges of the highest category. Each participant viewed a number of videos that were shown a variety of controversial moments from football matches.

    Subjects were asked to evaluate the actions of the players and asked whether there was a violation of the rule whether or not to show the card, what kind, and whether to award a free kick. In addition, the researchers tracked the eye movement of judges and assessed how long their gaze was directed to certain points of the screen.

    It is established that judges of the highest category are more often the right decisions. In particular, they chose a card of the right color in 61 percent of cases, when their less professional colleagues in 45.3% of cases.

    The researchers attribute this to the fact that judges with years of perfecting a skill that allows them to predict future events during the matches. As a result, they can focus on certain players who are highly likely to break the rules.


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