• Offensive review grandmother forced the Swede to moderate the appetite

  • A resident of Sweden decided to lose weight and engaged in fitness after her grandmother said she strongly recovered. This writes the Daily Mail.

    "When the grandmother who always wants to feed you, says you're full, it hurts," said Asa English (English Asa). Also, she saw their pictures in a bikini and realized that she needed to get rid of extra pounds. "I hated myself and believed that I look terrible," she said.

    Inglish started training in the gym, eat right and stopped drinking alcohol. Sweden began to conduct his own blog about diet to help those who want to lose weight. According to the girl, and now she feels much better than before the training.

    In March 2017 it was reported, the Egyptian eman Ahmed AB El ATI, is considered the heaviest woman in the world, has lost 140 pounds in five weeks in the Indian hospital. A resident of Alexandria, which is 11 February 2017 was taken to hospital Saifee Hospital in Mumbai (India), began to weigh 358 pounds.


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